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Contacts: Mr.Shen
Tel: 0510-86191088
Fax: 0510-86191800
Phone: 15961690198
E-mail: sm@www.kabardepok.com
Add:Jiangyin city Xu Xiake town of Gao Village shore road, No. 8

1. W11S - 380/480 x 3500 full hydraulic pressure drive horizontally super universal plate bending rolls, W11S - 150 x 3200 x 4000 plate bending rolls, W11S - 4000 machine
2. YJ - 8000 tons of hydraulic press, YC - 2000 tons of hydraulic press, YC - 1200 tons of hydraulic press.
3. TK6920 nc boring and milling machine, XA2130 gantry milling machine, 2 sp CQK5250B/nc vertical lathe
4. PM4040X longmen mobile CNC high speed drilling machine, boring and milling machine, CW61200 T6113/2, 6 * 20 m / 8 m lathe CNC plasma cutting machine
5. 10 m * 3.2 m * 1.6 m box type electric heating furnace, 16 m * 5 m * 4 m gas heating furnace, 4.5 m * 4.5 m laser omni-directional automatic tracking welding Lincoln Center
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MORE+ABOUT Jiangyin Shuangma Heavy Industry Equipment Co., LTD. Was founded in 2005, is located in the town of jiangyin xu xiake diffused road no. 8. Company director of triangle jiangyin economic development zone; Xinchang railway is in the west; North pillow golden waterway the Yangtze river; The beijing-shanghai high-speed railway, huning highway, tin chengcheng high-speed, high-speed along the Yangtze river near at hand; Water and land transportation is very convenient.


Jiangyin Shuangma heavy industry equipment Co.,ltd.    Add: No.8, Xiaguang Road, Gaoan Village, Xuxiake Town, Jiangyin City     Contacts: Mr.Shen     Tel: 0510-86191088     Fax: 0510-86191800
Phone: 18861653888    Http://www.www.kabardepok.com     E-mail: sm@www.kabardepok.com
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